We contracted with YoderBuilt Custom Homes in 2001 to build our new home on Lake Keowee. Without a doubt, we were extremely pleased with the result. Gabe was extremely helpful in suggesting a designer to help finalize the plans and had many great suggestions himself. The home was completed on time and in budget as contracted. All the craftsmen who worked on the project were of the highest quality and also very helpful with their input and suggestions. Gabe followed up on all our questions in a very timely manner, and to this day is still very attentive to our needs. Gabe was good to his word in every aspect. If we were to build again, Gabe would be our choice.

Mike and Becky Landry
301 Woodgreene Court
Salem, SC 29676

I recently moved into my YoderBuilt home and am delighted with the results. After looking at new houses on the market for over a year, I decided to build because of the poor craftsmanship and styles available. Gabe came highly recommended and I now know why. He created a far superior quality home for the price than anything I saw on the market. I was on the site almost daily and was most impressed with every craftsman he secured to complete my home. He was always available for questions, handled any concerns promptly and is indeed a man of integrity. When I decided to build a friend told me I would hate my contractor by the end of the project and would never want to build again. How wrong she was! Now, the Yoder’s feel like a family to me. They created a beautiful place for me to call home and when I build again it will indeed be YODERBUILT!!!

Karen Busha

To YoderBuilt Custom Homes, Inc.:

As anyone who has built or is trying to build a home knows, locating a contractor is the first and sometimes the most difficult step in the process. Who can you trust, can they understand your needs and wants, will they do the work as it should be done or will they do just what has to be done? The list of questions and potential pit falls are endless.

Our story is probably similar to that of many other people looking to have a house built. We spent two years of careful planning and preparation, six months of searching for the right contractor and still did not know what to do.

For us, we got lucky. While looking at houses that were already built our realtor introduced us to Gabe Yoder. From that day on life as a homebuilder became very easy. Gabe seemed like the kind of person that you could trust and that turned out to be the case.

During the process of building the house we lived over 600 miles away. I could not have been more comfortable with the building process if I lived next door. Gabe kept himself available at all times to answer questions, deal with problems or just talk. We felt like we were dealing with a friend.

The quality of construction that went into this house has met or exceeded my every expectation. The craftsmen that worked on this site were in every case polite and helpful at all times.

The service did not end when the keys were turned over to us. All missed details; adjustments or callbacks were handled in a timely manor and to my complete satisfaction.

The one thing that I would say to potential homebuilders is: “If I ever decide to build another home, my first call will be to Gabe Yoder.”

You very satisfied customer,

Wilbur Bobo

Dear Mr. Yoder:

This is in appreciation for the excellent craftsmanship and responsiveness that we received in the construction of our home on Arbor Way in Seneca, South Carolina. We have been very pleased in every way and would highly recommend you as a first class builder. Furthermore, even after 3 years you have been very responsive in dealing with unanticipated minor problems. We really appreciate this. Our home is available should you like to show it to prospective customers.


Bob and Joan Kurtz

In the autumn of 2000 my wife and I reached a decision to relocate on Lake Keowee as soon as I was eligible to retire. Because we had suffered a basically negative experience when we built a house in Alabama twenty years earlier, we originally hoped to purchase property to include an already completed home. In the end, however, we bought a vacant lakeshore lot a few miles north of Seneca.

We had very little trouble in finding a house plan to suit our needs, but finding the right builder/contractor was a more challenging problem. Fortunately, we picked YoderBuilt Custom Homes, primarily because Gabe Yoder had been strongly recommended to us as a creative, talented builder who was also a man of high integrity. Gabe was to prove himself fully worthy of the recommendations during the ensuing months.

Gabe’s initial estimate for the cost to build our retirement home exceeded our budget, but he worked with us to cut costs on items which were not a high priority. For example, He recommended the substitution of a brick and vinyl combination instead of an all-brick exterior—a move which shaved $10,000.00 off the total price. All in all, Gabe’s suggestions saved us over $25,000.00, all of which was achieved without the sacrifice of any features of significant value to us.

Construction on our new house began in the early summer of 2001. I was not scheduled to retire until the following September, so our trips to the Seneca area were necessarily infrequent. Nevertheless, Gabe was careful to involve my wife and me in every major decision—the selection of carpeting, the location of electrical outlets, the selection of plumbing fixtures, the placement of indoor and outdoor lights, the selection of flooring, and much more. As construction progressed throughout the late summer and fall, it became increasingly apparent that everything possible was being done to assure consistent quality and first-rate craftsmanship throughout the house. Not once did I ever see any evidence of shoddy construction, careless installations, or slipshod workmanship. Everything was coming together in fulfillment of dreams my wife and I had held for many years.

Toward the end of 2001, Gabe told us our new home would be ready for occupancy no later than February 1. Accordingly, we put our Alabama house on the market shortly after the new year. To our surprise our old home was sold on the first day of its listing, and the buyers wanted us out within a few weeks. Luckily for us, Gabe once again was true to his word. The new home was ready for us, our dog, and our furniture precisely on schedule. Typical of Gabe’s thoughtfulness was his placement of temporary floor coverings throughout the house in order to permit our movers to place heavy pieces of furniture without damaging either our new carpets or our hardwood floors.

Today my wife and I are enjoying retirement in our dream home. Gabe has stopped by a couple of times to check in on one or two minor glitches, which were corrected less than a day later. We are indeed delighted with the fine work of YoderBuilt Custom Homes, and we hope to enjoy many golden years on the shores of Lake Keowee.

Jim Farleigh
March 15, 2002